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About Global Indian International School Bangalore
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Important FAQ’s on Global Indian International School Bangalore

About Global Indian International School Bangalore

Global Indian International School BangaloreThe school comes with an uncompromising commitment. It aims to achieve specific, measurable, observable and quantifiable results among all aspirants/students. Because the School has a vision to provide value based education to young minds and provide a dynamic learning environment.
However, the School aegis for every student which strives for excellence through active learning and education. Moreover, the School has the core committed faculty which has come from accomplished backgrounds with vast experience.

Global Indian International School Bangalore School Information:
CBSE Affiliation No: 830763
Year of Establishment 2013
Affiliation Board: CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)
Type of School: Co-Educational
Application Form Date: February
Application Form Cost:
Phone Number: 75888 86800/1800 5722 810
Email ID:
Official Website:
Address: No-5,6,8 Heggondahalli Village, Whitefield Sarjapur Main Road, Gunjur Post, Bangalore-560087 (Karnataka)
State Karnataka
Country India
Medium of Language English

Admission Procedure

Global Indian International School Bengaluru is one of Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore, therefore it comes with a systematic, simple registration and admission process. It also accepts online payments and an online admission enquiry. Moreover, for enquiry on more procedure contact school through Global Indian International School Bangalore Online Admission Form.

Fee Structure

Annual Fees (Aprrox) ₹ 43,700.00
Note:- Fees may vary as per schools guidelines and notifications.


Minimum Age of Admission 3 Years
Library Available
Laboratories Available
Transportation Available
Canteen Available
Gender Based Mixed
Class Strength Average 40
Internet / Wifi Available
Sports Available
Infrastructure Available
Campus Available


Class Room
Composite Science Lab
Physics Lab
Chemistry Lab
Biology Lab
Maths Lab
Computer Science Lab
Home Science Lab
Other Rooms
Bio-Tech Lab


Birth Certificate
Report card of Previous Class
Passport Size Photograph
Copy of Aadhar Card
Duly attested pass mark sheet+ documents said above
Transfer Certificate (TC) if any

Read Principal’s Message Here

Principal Name: Dr. Shivananda C S
Qualification: MA BEd Ph.D
For the past many years, we at GIIS Whitefield have been diligently pursuing the goal of supporting effective learning among students to make them well-rounded global citizens. The aim is to build a school that lives up to the promise of providing a great foundation to students for their promising future. Read More..

Syllabus & School Timings

School Map

School Review & Ratings

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Important FAQs on School

Q1. Which board is this school affiliated to?

Ans: The School is affiliated to CBSE Board. However, almost every school is affiliated to atleast one board of education.

Q2. What facilities does school provide?

Ans: Firstly, the school provide all basic facilities each student. Indoor and outdoor sports are provided by school.

Q3. Is this school co-educational?

Ans. Yes, The School is co-educational. This school offers education irrespective of the student’s gender.

Q4. What is average strength of classroom?

Ans. The average students per classroom is 1:40. However, teachers and staff are well trained and knowledgeable.

Q5. Does this school have transport facilities?

Ans. Yes, the school does have transport facility.

Q6. When does admission process begin?

Ans: Admission process generally begins in the month of Feb/March.

Q7. Does the school have boarding facility?

Ans. The school does not have boarding facility.

Q8. What is home work policy?

Ans. The School does not believe in burdening the child yet some amount of home work is assigned in 2-3 subjects everyday which a child himself/herself can attempt.

Q9. Does the school hold PTM on regular basis?

Ans. Yes, the school and parents together can only support the child to grow in a desired way. Hence it holds PTMs regularly and welcome parent’s suggestions.

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