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About ORCHIDS The International School Bangalore

Orchids the International School, one of the foremost CBSE schools in C.V.Raman Nagar, Bangalore, has carved out its niche within a short period. This can be attributed to the educational Philosophy we propagate, deriving elements from western pedagogies and Indian academic systems. The In- house philosophy the school has developed known by the acronym of SHARPER, which stands for values such as Self- discipline, Hard work, Reflective and Indicative thinking, is aimed at the cumulative development of children as well- rounded personalities.
Stressing on the natural, organic development of children, we try to bridge the gap that exists between theoretical knowledge and real- life experiences. Blessed with world-class infrastructure, we provide a unique platform for our students, to showcase their talents. This has enormous scoped and potential as we engage children in various academic as well as extracurricular activities, boosting their self- esteem. We also have our EYP Program, where we aim to lay a strong foundation by focusing on areas such as Numeracy, Literacy and environmental awareness.
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) has gained its place as no one can ignore developing the necessary skill sets in a technologically advanced world we are currently living in. Many of the western countries have already incorporated the core tenets of it in their educational systems, so their students will not lag. Orchids the International School, one of the best CBSE Schools in C. V. Raman Nagar, have woven the idea of STEM in its ideology so that children will be guided appropriately.

The school comes with an uncompromising commitment to achieve specific, measurable, observable and quantifiable results among all aspirants/students. This School has a vision to provide value based education to young minds with a dynamic learning environment. Orchids The International Schools India aegis for every student which strives for excellence through active learning and education. The School has the core committed faculty which has come from accomplished backgrounds with vast experience.

ORCHIDS The International School CV Raman Nagar Bangalore Basic Information:
CBSE Affiliation No:
Year of Establishment 2014
Affiliation Board: CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)
Type: Co-Educational
Type of School Day School
Classes Offered: Classes I to XII (Science & Commerce)
Application Form Date: February
Application Form Cost:
Phone Number: (+91) 9513922803
Email ID: admin@orchids.edu.in
Official Website: https://www.orchidsinternationalschool.com/bangalore-branches/cv-raman-nagar/
Address: 136/3B,Jagadish Nagar, CV Raman Nagar,
Vibhutipura Village, New Thipasandra,
Jagadish Nagar, New Tippasandra,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560075
State Maharashtra
Country India
Medium of Language English

Admission Procedure

Orchids International School Bangalore is one of best CBSE Schools in Bangalore comes with a systematic, simple registration and admission process. It also accepts online payments and an online admission enquiry. For enquiry on more procedure contact school through ORCHIDS The International School Bengaluru Online Admission Form.


For any student who wishes to join ORCHIDS, admissions are laid out in the simplest way possible. A well-versed Admission Team is always there to help you at each & every step of the Admission Process. Procedure to apply in ORCHIDS is easy going.
Choosing the right school for your little one can be difficult. We understand your dilemma which is why we open heartedly welcome the parents of every child who wishes to join us.
Visiting ORCHIDS is in itself a bliss as the facilities and the environment we provide our students is mesmerizing. You can visit directly and meet our head of departments and can have a chat about the entire curriculum with our teachers or Counselor available at our premises. They will give you a detailed knowledge of the ORCHIDS Campus along with the visible presence.


ORCHIDS open heartedly welcomes students from all across the globe. With a vision to facilitate children everywhere with our creative and efficient curriculum, we miss no chance to give our best in providing our international students with the best of facilities, guidance and support. Each child is addressed with similar attention and required help. The School understand that it isn’t easy to adjust to a whole new place. The School bring to our international students not just a school but a second home.
Student exchange programs are a way to diversify the educational experience of students everywhere. It gives the international students a chance to cease all the opportunities it bring to our students and vis-à-vis for our full-time students. We encourage diversity and ensure it is addressed in the best way possible, which is why every exchange student witnesses an unforgettable experience at ORCHIDS. Once here, they become a family forever.
Life isn’t always as we plan it. But we must never stop working for a better one. The School empathize with the real-life cases of our students and stand by their side providing similar educational opportunities for them. We welcome acid victims, physically challenged children and other special kids and provide them with all the resources and opportunities. About the cases we have. Some videos, some stories of transformation. Our Special Education Techniques.
We follow the INCLUSION Philosophy which intends to incorporate a sense of belongingness and togetherness in our ORCHIDS family. As a part of this philosophy, we make sure every child is attended to and guided in the right direction. Our psychologists, counselors and teachers are adamant in providing appropriate help. School is the second home of a child. It is extremely important for a child to be comfortable and open with his/her thoughts. This philosophy plays an equal role in building up of their character. Every child is equal and special to ORCHIDS.

Fee Structure

Fee Structure for STD I to X
Level Annual Fees 40% : 1st Installment 20% : 2nd Installment 20% : 3rd Installment 20% : 4th Installment
STD I ₹ 1,26,000.00 ₹ 50,400.00 ₹ 25,200.00 ₹ 25,200.00 ₹ 25,200.00
STD II ₹ 1,26,000.00 ₹ 50,400.00 ₹ 25,200.00 ₹ 25,200.00 ₹ 25,200.00
STD III ₹ 1,26,000.00 ₹ 50,400.00 ₹ 25,200.00 ₹ 25,200.00 ₹ 25,200.00
STD IV ₹ 1,26,000.00 ₹ 50,400.00 ₹ 25,200.00 ₹ 25,200.00 ₹ 25,200.00
STD V ₹ 1,37,000.00 ₹ 54,800.00 ₹ 27,400.00 ₹ 27,400.00 ₹ 27,400.00
STD VI ₹ 1,37,000.00 ₹ 54,800.00 ₹ 27,400.00 ₹ 27,400.00 ₹ 27,400.00
 STD VII ₹ 1,37,000.00 ₹ 54,800.00 ₹ 27,400.00 ₹ 27,400.00 ₹ 27,400.00
 STD VIII ₹ 1,48,000.00 ₹ 59,200.00 ₹ 29,600.00 ₹ 29,600.00 ₹ 29,600.00
 STD IX ₹ 1,48,000.00 ₹ 59,200.00 ₹ 29,600.00 ₹ 29,600.00 ₹ 29,600.00
STD X ₹ 1,48,000.00 ₹ 59,200.00 ₹ 29,600.00 ₹ 29,600.00 ₹ 29,600.00
Fee Structure for STD XI & XII
Level Annual Fees 40% : 1st Installment 60% : 2nd Installment
STD XI ₹ 1,41,000.00 ₹ 56,400.00 ₹ 84,600.00
STD XI-Commerce ₹ 1,00,000.00 ₹ 40,000.00 ₹ 60,000.00
STD XII ₹ 1,41,000.00 ₹ 56,400.00 ₹ 84,600.00
New Admissions: One-time admission fees, non-refundable
Class 1 – 10 – 75000/
XI and XII – For TOS students – 25000/, for non-TOS students – 50000/

Fees for optional programs like Olympiad Exams, Study Visit and Sweden Exchange will vary accordingly.


Minimum Age of Admission 2 Years
Library Available
Laboratories Available
Transportation Available
Gender Based Mixed
Class Strength Average 40
Internet / Wifi Available
Sports Available
Infrastructure Available
Campus Available


Room Number Length (in Ft.) Breadth (in Ft.)
Library 1 23 24
Other Rooms 4 24 23
Bio-Tech Lab 1 27 24
Home Science Lab 1 24 25
Class Room 35 24 23
Composite Science Lab 1 27 24
Physics Lab 1 20 26
Chemistry Lab 1 24 24
Biology Lab 1 26 28
Maths Lab 1 30 25
Computer Science Lab 1 30 27
Concrete building with spacious classrooms
Library with a treasure trove of information
Well equipped Science and Computer Laboratories
An Infirmary attended by a qualified staff during school hours
Playground facilitating various sports with Terrace Football turf
Talent Hunting zone- Dance, Music Theatre Hall


Birth Certificate
Report card of Previous Class
Passport Size Photograph
Copy of Aadhar Card
Duly attested pass mark sheet+ documents said above
Transfer Certificate (TC) if any

Read Principal’s Message Here

Meera, Principal
A life coach competent to give students strategies to express their maximum potential and create success in their lives with over 18 years experience in the areas of Education and Training. A doctrate in psychology and post graduate in chemistry, education and psychology.She is well versed in studying existing systems and procedures facilitating teaching and initiating new teaching methodology.


MATHS & SCIENCE Secondary classes aim at making our students excel their core understanding of the concepts. Logical and conceptual learning
COMPUTER SCIENCES The secondary classes include integrated version of Computer Sciences including higher level of computer applications ROBOTICS
ORCHIDS Career Foundation Program Our IIT alumni helps us to instill a logical understanding of scientific concepts in students, preparing them for various competition exam. Live experimentations & laboratory practices
SOCIAL SCIENCES Social Sciences for secondary grades cover History, Geography and Civics, through practical learning. Role Plays, dummy sessions of parliaments, courts etc.
ENGLISH English is the first language & mandatory for all, taught through creative tools and visual aids. Literature language integration
LANGUAGES Multi-linguistic skills add a huge advantage to the personality of a child. It not only helps him in better communication but also provides him with wider opportunities in every field. English, Hindi, French, Kannada, Marathi The first language option is English. This is mandatory for all grades.
Second language option includes Hindi, Kannada, and French. While these options are open from grade I, French is open for the students of grade V to grade X. French is a compulsory language as the Fourth Language. This language option is from grade II till grade IV

School Map


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9 thoughts on “ORCHIDS The International School CV Raman Nagar Bangalore | Admission 2024-25, Fees, Results, Review

  1. Orchids has been a fairly good school for my ward so far. With an interesting mix of academics and exposure to extracurricular activities, the school has definitely primed my kid for success

  2. Orchids International School with myriad branches in Bengaluru and with a reputable brand, is a perfect school for parents who are looking to provide individual attention to their children. I must say, there has definitely been a turnaround in my daughter’s performance over the past one year when it comes to academics. The regular tests conducted after each class definitely has helped! The staff are also upto the task in hand!

  3. Thank you Orchids school teaching staff for really nicely teaching all the subjects to my child with subject kit and other method. The understnding about basic of subject is really getting strong. I am busy person in my business and don’t have time to teach him in home. But seeing his progress is really glad.

  4. I DO NOT regret my decision of switching to orchids. I had my doubts with the teachers and the infra. My child’s academics have seen great improvement here. He speaks more, brainstorms more. The special way when they learn with different different kits that the teachers give, it’s really new to me. He loves the school, and this makes me really happy now.

  5. Today I am very happy my son”s team got 1st runner up trophy in inter branch quiz competition.And it’s but natural because of the teachers of Orchids school.They gives so much attention to every child.Every teacher is a scholar there at the same time very polite and understanding.There are speakathone ,Ramanujan and many other activities which increases my kid”s knowledge and make his future stronger. I like there management.

  6. It’s tough finding an institution, which truly cares for logical development of a child, but I am lucky that I got one. Now, my child grows daily with brainy projects bringing out his creativity and confidence. However, because of curriculum, he has to do few projects without his will also, and that wastes his time and efforts.

  7. Is this page only for positive reviews. As if none of the parents have any issues with the school management. The schools Management is the most misleading area. They do not obey any of government orders.Either its the school fees or the starting of classes for the Curriculum year of FY 21.
    When we write complaints or our concerns to the management we do not get proper responses. In this pandemic, the school is just utilizing the patience of parents and is just in a mood of making money. I hope this reviews would be available on your web page the next time I visit

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